Friday, 10 April 2009

Skip Truck

Well, the Henrie Boys have some wheels and quite fitting too. I've finally got this finished after some time waiting for the final touches.



  1. two_heads_talking13 April 2009 at 17:34

    I really like the look of that 'tractor' and the dump portion is very nice also..

    I tried to click on the pics(thumbnails) but I didn't get anything to pop up (larger picture) so I wonder if there's something wrong?

    Do you have stats for all the vehicles you guys have been doing? I'd love to see them if you so.

  2. I have the same thing with clicking on the pic - I assume its because they're uploaded at %100? Maybe Captain Jack could upload some bigger pics?

    As far as stats goes, Captain Jack was having a headache costing his vehicles using the Ash Wastes vehicle design rules, but when we've sussed them out we'll be sure to post them up.

  3. Sorry guys, I had posted them at 100% for some reason. Links are now in, and I'm going to weather the tyres which I have missed entirely. There are only 8!

  4. I REALLY like that model! Excellent job! Did you use an airbrush to paint it? You've certainly inspired me to get the lead out with my homemade vehicular contraptions.

  5. Hey Greg

    Pretty sure it was weathering powders of some sort - is that right Cap'n?

  6. No airbrush involved I'm afraid, though I am (slowly) learning how to handle one. I used Mig weathering powders, and the way I've been shown is to use a stippling brush and a wide fan brush (GW drybrush for example). First stipple powder into the areas you want it, and then drag the powder out using the fanning brush. To seal it, lightly dust with matt or silk spray varnish.

  7. I'm told you should seal with powders with a matt varnish too, as they don't hold forever.