Sunday, 16 August 2009

Battle Report – Port Station Heist

Port Station, Jeriko Reach.

This scenario was essentially the Necromunda Ambush mission, with Patrol Drake guarding a shipment of Joy-Sims, as intelligence had indicated a recidivist element was intent upon stealing them away. The Joy-Sims were set up behind the shuttle in which they’d arrived, and Patrol Drake around it.

The attackers were Captain Jack’s new gang, a bunch of near-do-well pirates calling themselves the Con Fectors. The Defenders were Colonel Kane’s Patrol Drake.

The Con Fector Pirates

Patrol Drake

The Joy-Sims

The Con Fectors set up in the buildings around the landing pad. In the first turn, the pirates closed in on both flanks, the heavy taking opening up from his position atop a building and unleashing a withering hail of lead at the defenders. His stubber wounded three of Patrol Drake, putting down a Sepoy, the signaller and the medic. Even more impressively, Corperal Drake himself, the leader, was taken out entirely. This caused another Sepoy to break for cover, while Lance Corperal Kash was forced to attempt to restore order. Fortunately for the defenders, the pirate’s heavy suffered a stoppage, and spent the remainder of the battle trying to clear his weapon.

Things didn’t go so well for the Con Fectors on the other flank however, as the other half of Patrol Drake rolled up that side of the battle area, gunning down pirates as they went.

Meanwhile, on the landing pad, the psyker adept Grammatrix Apphia ran behind the shuttle, and operated the controls to raise the blast shields, affording at least some protection to the remaining defenders.

In the centre of the battle area, Drake’s sniper rained down fire on the pirates, but the attackers closed in, one scaling the tower and bursting onto the roof to engage the sniper. The pirate opened fire at point blank range, but missed entirely. The sniper then turned his weapon upon his foe, but found the weapon ineffective at such short range, and missed. The pirate fired again, pinning the sniper, who was saved by supporting fire from his fellows on the landing pad.

On the pad itself, the attackers closed in, making use of the ladders on the underside to scale the supports and burst out of the hatches. A volley of short range shotgun fire ensued, and things were soon pretty much over.

Both sides were now at break point, but Drake’s patrol failed their bottle test first, and a fighting withdrawal ensued. After a turn or two, the attackers had claimed their prize, and allowed the defenders to withdraw unmolested.

After the game, it transpired that Drake’s medic, Trooper Reko, had died from his injuries. As they had withdrawn however, the patrol has managed to drag away the unconscious form of one of the pirates. Will the Con Fectors fight to rescue their captured ganger? We’ll find out next time!

Patrol Drake deployment, with Grammatrix Apphia inspecting the merchandise.

Patrol Drake flanking party work their way through the station buildings.

Con Fector Pirates infiltrate the left flank.

Con Fectors move through the alley ways on the right flank.

The Con Fectors' right flank bites off more than it can chew...

Grammatrix Apphia at the landing pad controls, raising the blast shields.

The Con Fectors close in on their left flank

The pirates work their way beneath the landing pad.

Patrol Drake sniper about to be undone...

The pirates leap from the hatches.

The Con Fectors consolidate their attack, dealing with the last of the defenders.

The pirates claim their booty!


  1. Great battle report! Love the feeling like if I was the pict imager myself...good read!

    The red buildings..what are they made of?

  2. I have to echo KRUG here, this was a good read and the photos are equally compelling. I loved the objective especially - those Joy-Sims had me chuckling as I read the report and saw the objective markers you'd made up.

    The alt-Delaque pirates are fantastic minis, reminds me I need to get back to work on my gangs and hired guns.

    Thanks for the great work.

  3. Thanks guys, really appreciated!

    Krug - the buildings are just plasticard and spare bits, but I'm very fond of them ;-)

  4. I have to admit to being very lucky. I feel the rescue mission may be a lot more fraught...

  5. Just Plastic card???
    Amazing....The masses demand a tutorial...or at least I do!

  6. Tell me more about these 'Joy-Sims'.

  7. What is it you want to know about them mate?

  8. Way cool report mate. Everything looks cool and reminds me of the ol days when gaming was about having fun and not so competetive. What bits are the Joy Sims made from?

  9. Thanks mate, that's the idea! :-)

    The Joy Sims are two of Hasslefree Miniatures Harem Girls, and the transport tubes are the Anphelion Base Xenos containment tanks made by Forge World, but laid on their sides and mounted on a base built up with plastic and bits.


  10. I was hoping if you could a tutorial on how you build the buildings with plasticard and add all the detail...

  11. You're right of course, I do owe you that Krug! Haven't even had a lot of time to play, let alone paint or build, but I do have some building projects in mind that I mean to start fairly soon, so I'll post shots as I go along. I want to do a 40k meets Neo-Tokyo terrain set, which should be fun!

  12. Nice report, looks like fun times were had. Top marks for using Heresy & Hasslefree figs.