Saturday, 27 March 2010

Death World Warp-Wasp!

Here's the first of six death world nasties, a Waspquito from Heresy Miniatures.

As Andy says on his webstore, they're buggers to put together. I had to pin the wings, then apply araldite, then use superglue to set the araldite instantly (which makes for a very strong bond, which these wings need). The paint is GW Foundation Macharius Solar Orange, then Vallejo Scarlet, then a wash of GW Baal Red, then a highlight of Scarlet then a bit more orange. The wings are just black with a gloss varnish.

Not looking forward to making five more, but they'll be fun in a death world scenario! I may count them as 'psychneuins' from the Rogue Trader bestiary, which are pests that live in the warp, lay their eggs in the brains of psykers, then hatch out...nice.


  1. Lovely miniature. Would it work with 15mm figures? I'm always on the lookout for "monsters" for 15mm Science Fiction.

  2. Thanks mate. Yup, I reckon they'd work as 15mm monsters - they'd be pretty scary too!

  3. Cool. Could see a small swarm of them munching on some charaters.

  4. Hopefully we will ;-)

    I have some fiendish rules in mind, but I won't reveal them just yet, may be in a battle report :-)

  5. Nice finished product, but from the sounds of it I don't envy you the work ahead to make 5 more. ;) Keep at it though, the result is pretty fun.B)