Friday, 26 November 2010

Quick update

We've been a bit quiet recently, because being hobbyists we're easily distracted by shiny things. Some of us have been playing FFG's Rogue Trader roleplaying game, and others the new edition of Warhammer, so our old school hobby activities have been somewhat curtailed.

So, we'll get some hobby content up soon, but we also thought we'd expand things a bit and use the blog to track our pen and paper Rogue Trader adventures as well as the traditional tabletop ones. We use our RT miniatures for this anyway (and last session they were fighting in the bowels of their engineering deck using a Space Hulk board as the setting) so this seems to fit.

Also, we've invited the guys from the rpg group to post here too, so hopefully they'll be adding whatever content they want to as well.

Maybe we could even expand it to cover a Warhammer campaign we have planned (as I want to get some stuff from the 1st and 2nd edition of that game in too), but one thing at a time!

Any comments welcome!


  1. Relief! What you guys do is too much fun to keep to yourselves - and at least one greedy piggy always wants more!

    It's really a great blog and these ideas sound like more of the same. Go on, do it!

  2. LOL, the Warhammer obsession is partialy my fault. I am just starting to see proper time for miniatures goodness, and I've knocked out almost 5000pts worth of Chaos warriors of which 3/5ths is painted.

    I do have some Heresy minis to paint up for my trench coat gang, and I'm looking to see how my wallet will fare on the Hasslefree page as they have a few new Grymn sculpts coming available in the form of a Sniper and another in a Bennie hat.

    If we agree on the Warhammer stuff I will start posting some of the minis that I have produced.

    Last thing, shhh, don't let them know I've been here, I'm still hiding in a cave!