Monday, 20 August 2012

Block Mania!!

Found time for a quick game last week of Block Mania with my friend Carrie, while not one of our normal gaming group Carrie is a keen gamer and took part in last years 'agri world' game. Pretty quick and fun game by all acounts which as ususal was utter carnage until the judges arrived to Stumm gas everyone. Most notable indidents were Samantha fox having a huge crack appear right in the center at her bottom and Buddy Holly having his entrances set on fire. currently looking for a copy of 'mega mania' if anyone has one they want to part with?


  1. Sounds like fun times! I had copies of Block Mania and Mega Mania back in the day. and I kick myself (ow!) every time I (ow!) think about (ow!) that day I sold them (ow!)... I recall once while playing Mega Mania we teamed up on one guy and collapsed his block before the Judges showed up....

  2. Oh how I miss that game!! I just saw a trailer for the new Judge Dredd movie and it made me think of this...blasting my way through Fatties and Juves to plant explosives in an enemy block. The good ol' days!

  3. Do you have the expansion that came out in white dwarf? It has some crazy super weapons like the plascrete virus as I recall.