Wednesday 20 August 2014

Old School Inquisition

A while back, I showed a picture of my 'retro rebuild' Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, a conversion I made based on the old Rogue Trader / Realm of Chaos era miniature. 

The classic Inquisitor, and inspiration for my conversion....

The conversion itself.

And then, it was featured in White Dwarf, a fact I totally forgot about until I came across this picture while browsing this blog...

So no one can say there's no old school in White Dwarf! ;-)



  1. That's a good looking warband in general, and bound together very well by the poses and the colours. Whatever that main basing material is it's helping as well - clean and low-key, and fine enough to add mass to the minis.

  2. Thanks Porky. I'm glad they look consistent, the two imps were actually painted almost ten years before the others! I'm considering re painting them, or finding some more and painting them with a blueish skin tone, a reference to the Caryatids of the proto-Necromunda setting presented in Confrontation.