Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sensei Knight finished

Just finished my Sensei Knight character. I've gone for a bit of a Clone Trooper look with the armour, as I've always liked the style and it looks very different to what you'd normally see in 40k so he's unlikely to be mistaken for an Inquisitor!


  1. two_heads-talking9 June 2009 at 20:48

    that looks beautiful..

  2. Thanks mate!

    I've just ordered an 'Artemis Alpha Biomech' from Urban Mammoth as the basis for the rebel human psyker fo the band, so I'll post a pic when she arrives.

  3. Love the theme of your old gamers blog , lots of interesting work , and as a long in the tooth gamer i apreciate that ;-)

  4. Thanks! Great to know these old posts are still being read :-)