Monday, 13 July 2009

Recovery on the Moon of Spite

+++Posted for Captain Jack, whose cogitator terminal has run out of internets+++

Ordo Xenos Biologis, accompanied by bodyguard and Navigator

The background for this game is a continuation of a fact finding mission lead by part of an Inquisitors retinue to the Jeriko Reach moon of Spite. The set up for the Imperials had their rescue objective, three members of the Inquisitors retinue grouped in the centre of the table. An artillery dice was rolled for the direction of travel of the Scribe, which would move d6 inches per turn until contacted by the patrol. Half of Patrol Drake set up by the crashed Lander, and the second part of the patrol would turn up on a reserves roll on the opposite edge of the table. The Pontiffs’ troops were split into groups of two or three, and individual Genestealers. The pontiff had 6 D6 at the start of each turn, and one group would be set up on a randomised table edge on the roll of a 6 (this didn’t stop him getting 2 or 3 per turn).

Patrol Drakes mission was to meet up with the Inquisition, and escort them off the opposite table edge. The Pontiff had to prevent this from happening.

The first few turns saw the crashed half of Patrol Drake move towards the Inquisitorial retinue, while the Pontiffs’ troops organised themselves into good ambush positions (A lot of 6’s were rolled early on). A good rolling defence was set up by the patrol, but they ran into serious trouble when they made it to the Scribe and his two minders. The pontiffs’ troops made a good job of pinning the scribe and the patrol in the centre, and it was only the timely arrival of the second half of the patrol behind one ambush group that provided a glimmer of hope. Meanwhile in the centre two of the three Genestealers had been dealt with, but unfortunately for Drake the good camouflage of one of the Genestealers had allowed it to within striking distance of the patrol.

With a cry of ‘Where in His Name did that come from’ the first of Drakes troopers was knocked off his feet. Without hesitation the ‘Stealer followed up into more of the patrol, including the medic who followed his comrade into the dirt. All that was left in the end was for Drake to confront the beast with unsurprising results…

At the same time on the open edge the second half of the patrol had made hard work of clearing out the gangers opposite, but had prevailed. They now moved towards the centre of the table, but would be too late to have any influence. As GM I decided that on the roll of a 6 an Emergency call box carried by the scribe would call in a Valkyrie to pick up the beleaguered troops, and a 6 was promptly rolled halting the Genestealers carnage.

At the end of it all, not much of the Patrol was still standing. However much to our chagrin the injury rolls were (too) kind, with only Drake hating the forces of the Pontiff, and the rest making full recoveries.

Patrol Drake element move out from the crash site to link up with the target

Lance Corperal Kash leads a flanking attack

Firefight on the flank

Cult fire support group hold the patrol at bay

A Genestealer come out of nowhere!

Corperal Drake attacked by the 'stealer


  1. Lovely report, it sounds like the game was an intense one. I'm really glad to see new posts on the Maelstrom blog, I enjoyed the hell out of your Jeriko Reach stuff. Thanks for a good read!

  2. Thanks mate! (I check out your site regularly too). We played another game a couple of nights ago, so there'll be another report as soon as I have time to write it up.