Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lizardmen warband

Here'a little force I've finished in between other bits and bobs. It's a Lizardman warband, intended to go up against some pirates after their Slann gold. I plan to run this as a skirmish game for the guys sometime in the new year, so I won't give away much more! I'll base the lizardmen on the warband found in the Lustria: Cities of Gold Mordhiem setting (published in Town Cryer magazine), and the Pirates on the warband published in Town Cryer 6 (I think), with a load more Indiana Jones-style hazard added in.


  1. Pretty, a subdued but still exotic scheme. It's funny to see them on round bases, but it seems better for the ducking and weaving of a skirmish game.

  2. Wow Rogue Trader, Necromunda, and Mordheim. You guys are my heroes ;) sounds like most of the same games we like. I think the pirates got an upgrade in the annual but I will have to check. If you are into Mordheim this is the best forum with lots of good resources:
    It has links to most of the info from the Town Cryers. Models are looking great.

  3. @Porky, cheers mate. I prefer them on round bases, just looks so much better than square on an individual basis. I'm happy to play Warhammer and similar games with everything ranked up neat and tidy, but as smaller games need less miniatures I quite enjoy having a separate set, with more time invested in each model.

    @DoomOnYou: I've looked at that forum a few times - looks pretty cool! As a group, we haven't played Mordhiem properly, though we've all played it elsewhere over the years. I want to run a few games set in different places around the Warhammer world, so pirates seemed an appropriate faction as they can go pretty much anywhere in the world! I'll GM a game and hopefully everyone will feel inspired - I know Major Hazard has painted up a band of vintage Citadel Skaven, so they'll hopefully see some use (should post them here!).

  4. Mordheim will always be my favourite GW game :) Love the look of these guys, especially the shaman :)