Thursday, 23 December 2010

Through the Warp Portal!

Just a quick update from me, as I mentioned a while back we were considering adding Warhammer content to this blog. I've recently won on eBay, and received today the booklet from the old 'Blood on the Streets' card building/background set released by GW in 1985. This was one of the first wargaming supplements I ever owned, so flicking through it again is great. I have a vague idea of recreating the setting using the modern plastic terrain, as well as townsfolk miniatures from the Mordheim, Hasslefree, Reaper and (hopefully) Lead Adventure ranges. Using the Empire in Flames supplement from Mordheim to add skirmish-level details should make for some fun, old school Warhammer action!

Something that was interesting to read was the fact that I remembered the background as being fairly generic, and not having much to do with the modern Warhammer. I was quite surprised to read the background and find its pretty much in line with the current setting, but with a few weird bits thrown in (like the shrine of the otherwise extinct Cult of Gadd). I reckon this was written at the time several developers joined GW from the old TSR UK studio to work on the first edition of WHFRP, so this may actually contain the first seeds of the more detailed setting information that went into the roleplay book.



  1. Old-school skirmish Warhammer sounds good too!

    Thanks for the titbits on the booklet. It's satisfying to fill in blanks in the history.

  2. Wow this was one of the first Warhammer products I ever got when I was a kid. Up until then all I had played was DnD and Avalon Hill games. When WHFRP came out (in 86 or so?) I had asked for it for Christmas. My parents being parents had no clue what I was talking about (which is fine it was the 80s and most parents were like WTF? At least they were better than Grandma who swore it was all satanic and I was going to hell..;) ). So instead of WHFRP they got me the WFB 2e boxset rules, blood on the streets, and Bloodbath at Orcs Drift. After that there was no turning back...I eventually got WHFRP but always prefered the minis game. Now you are just making me feel old ;)

  3. For me it was the Spring 86 Citadel Journal (Skaven and La Maisontaal issue!) picked up in the local Taylor and Mckenna, followed by the 2nd ed Warhammer box (which is right here with me!) for Christmas. Then I got the Blood on the Streets set with my Christmas money, and the Christmas next year was Rogue Trader followed by 3rd ed Warhammer in the new year (bought at the opening of the Oxford Street store!)

  4. Awesome, some great finds there. I will have to start posting some of the Chaos warriors that I've done. I'm betting I've got the most elite and small potential Warband, no new news there then, LOL