Sunday, 3 April 2011

Future Warriors Techno Savages

Just finished off a bunch of classic miniatures from the early-mid '90s, in the form of Mark Copplestone's Future Warriors Techno Savage. These miniatures were part of a larger range Mark released, all of which feel to me very much part of the old school wargaming ouvre. To me, they fit right into the old Citadel Rogue Trader range, so I've almost meant to get hold of some and include them in our campaign. The range is still available, and at very reasonable price, from EM4 Miniatures, and I intend to get the whole lot in time!


  1. I see what you mean about them blending in. They could almost be Citadel miniatures, and have the feel of Blanche, Confrontation and Ratskins, even early IG. The painting is top too, especially the tone and the way the group works together. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Thanks Porky. Being scuplted by Mark Copplestone (who also scultped the Confrontation range as well as the metal Imperial Guard - the ones that take the plastic arms at least) they do indeed fit right in. I've always thought of Copplestone's Future Warriors range as honourary members of the Rogue Trader range, and they're as good as, and often better than a lot of the original Citadel miniatures.

  3. Great painting on a great range of figures. I actually have most of the figures pictured sitting in the painting queue for when I finish the orks that I am currently working on. I plan to use them for some Judge Dredd gaming and as Diggas for Gorkamorka.

    They definitely have that post-apocalyptic, 1980s, films-starring-Rutger-Hauer vibe. Apart from the Lord Humungus-esqe, hockey mask guy, the guy with the top hat and the four shotgun barrels on a stick is my favourite.

    Copplestone Castings has some very suitable figures too, mainly renewed takes on the guys shown here. The Wasteland Desperadoes pack is a standout I reckon.

    Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to see more.

  4. I will echo the comments of others- these miniatures look great! I think you may have posted a WIP of the building in the background, but if you can, I would love to see more pics of the building, or point me to a battle report if I missed it (sorry). One of the sad things about the current state of the game, IMO, is the lack of emphasis on and amount of terrain on the table.


  5. Thanks Amereo - I did post some pics, but they seem to have got buried somewhere, so if I get the chance this weekend I'll take a few more shots if they'd be of use.