Friday, 15 April 2011

Mooks in Space

Just a quick question for all the old school skirmish vets - the game of Rogue Trader we played this week (full report to follow when I have an hour to type it up!) was interesting, in that the sort of rules and game we were playing occassionally called for more detail than Rogue Trader can provide, but still looked great with 10-20 models per side (about 500 points including a vehicle each). This got me thinking about using the Inquisitor rules (with 28mm miniatures) to better play the actions of the heroes, but as we all know, that ruleset is best suited to 3-5 miniatures per side, which isn't the sort of game we're often after.

It occured to me that there might be a compromise, and I wondered if anyone else has tried it. Has anyone written a set of house rules that allow the fielding of hordes of lowly 'mooks' in Inquisitor, leaving all the detailed rules to the 'stars'? Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch RPG does this, allowing the players to command 'Hordes' of NPCs against the enemy (who may be Hordes or NPCs too).

If not, maybe I'll have a go. That way, we could try a game where the heroes get to be heroes, and the red shirts do what they do best too!


  1. We did once remove the damage locations and put in a much simpler incapacitation/wounding system, that sped it up a lot. Also, limiting actions helps. But the Inquisitor rules as written, are possible my favorite ever rule system as it is (joint with warmaster)

  2. Makes me think of D&D 4e's minion mechanics, where if you hit them they just die. No need to roll for damage, the DM just marks them off the page and whoosh.

  3. Hey,

    I run a 28mm Inquisitor blog at - so Inquisitor at such a scale can work fantastically!

    As for "mooks" at Inquisitor scale, there was a series of articles called "The Architecture of Hate" in which a series of NPC rules were given.

    You can find a download for those on the Conclave, particularly in this thread:

    If those don't help, you could definitely ask on The Conclave for help.

    Hope that's some use to you!

    - Mol.

  4. Hey Molotov - I'm a big fan of your blog, been checking it out for ages :-) Many thanks for the link, I'll have a look!

  5. Hmm, possibly a little too abstract for my tastes. I reckon the notion Justin mentioned is closest to how I'm thinking, but cheers for the link :-)

  6. Molotov - did I imagine it or did one of the old Exterminatus mags give rules for Genestealrr hybrids?

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