Friday, 1 May 2009

Capture the Archo Logist

This game was set on another (yet to be named) planet in the Jeriko Reach system near the Maelstrom, and the scenarios were set individually for each team. With Clara Toft the Archo Logist being GM’d by the Pontiff, the Alpha Legion’s tasks were to capture her and also to collect as many items from the 2 domes as possible. The Lictor just had to get in there and sample as much of the local population (with extreme prejudice) as possible.

The game started off with Clara and guards deployed between the two domes, followed by the chaos gang deployment in one corner opposite. I had made some blip counters for the Lictor which were placed strategically around the board, with the GM informed as to which the genuine article was.

The Lictor and Blips

The Alpha Legion gang

The game started slowly with the Marine lead gang cautiously approaching the domes, being wary of the blips movement. The moment of contact still came swiftly, with the two guards proving utterly hopeless at protecting the Logist who ran for the larger of the two domes. Instead of pursuing the now cornered Logist the Alpha Legionnaire went into the smaller dome, and it was at that point that the Lictor struck taking down the two gangers it charged with ease, and following up into the small dome.

A round of shooting from the Marine and those that could see through the door caused a wound on the Lictor, which then dived into combat with the result of taking out the Marine. While that was going on a ganger went into the larger dome to hunt down Clara, and everyone else went onto over watch while waiting for whatever came out of the door.

The dash between the domes saw the Lictor take another wound from the crossfire. Once in the dome the ganger was quickly dealt with, but this allowed Clara to escape into the arms of the chaos gang who were also looting the smaller dome for all they were worth (dragging out the limp body of the Marine, no doubt). Again fire from the gang into the doorway caused another wound on the Lictor (more on this in a moment) causing it to cower out of sight. It was at this point the Chaos gang bottled out and began withdrawing, the cunning Lictor sensing this waited for the Heavy with the multi barrelled heavy stubber to move before charging out of the door. Unfortunately the fire from the rest of the gang was more accurate taking the Lictor down, and out of the game.

This ended the game with the Lictor Victorious, causing the gang to bottle and the gang coming out well by capturing their target and having some loot. Later checking the stats for the Lictor I found it had only 3 wounds on its profile, however this was balanced out as the 5+ save should have been unmodified so it wasn’t such an issue.

In the end game sequence the Lictor had a full recovery, as did most of the chaos gang. Not so for the Marine who ended up with a leg wound, the injury table rolls were the strangest I’ve seen with 5 full recoveries rolled!

The current stats for the Lictor can be found here.

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  1. two_heads_talking11 May 2009 at 15:32

    Wweet, anytime a gang faces something as strong as a lictor, you might find yourself having to modify it's stats.. Too strong and the game is not fun, too weak and it's not fun either..

    Well done all around.