Saturday, 16 May 2009

Incoming transmission from the Maelstrom

Afternoon all!

Just a heads up, we've been talking for a little while about taking the action beyond Jeriko Reach and into surrounding space. This will allow us to use more varied factions, settings and story lines, and enable all sorts of 'old school' wargaming fun. I've just created a new blog which we'll move over to as we have battles to report. So keep an eye on both blogs for the moment, and we'll let you know when Jeriko Reach will be phased out.

Campaign wise, the plan is to use a lot more factions, in the area of space known as the Maelstrom. This means we can field Rogue Traders, Pirates, Rebels, Orks, Sensei and anything else we feel like trying out. We want to give the whole campaign a lot more of an old school, space opera Rogue Trader/Traveller feel. I'm pretty sure we'll continue to use the Necromunda system as the basis for our games, especially for tracking experience and income, but no doubt we'll introduce other elements as we go along.

Any comments welcome!


  1. Hi!

    Cant wait to see how you chaps get on with the new site!

    Its seriously tempting me to have a crack at some old school rogue trader goodness!

  2. Hi Colonel, Mahurangi from the Easternfringe here. Thanks for the kind words on my Confrontation gang project - I thought I'd reply on your blog to let you know that I'm an avid reader of it.

    Your conversions are amazing, and I'm a huge fan of all the RT minis on display. And you guys tell a great story!


  3. Thanks mate! The story's been a bit quiet recently due to pressures of work, but hopefully we'll all be able to get together soon and have some more story to post :-)

    Also, the keyboard on my Inspiron is dead so I'm using the Windows On-Screen keyboard until a new one arrives, so that's a bit limiting too!

  4. A very nice blog. I do not play 40K anymore but you have certainly made the universe look appealing.

    Looking forward to seeing what else comes up.


  5. Thanks Eli- your kind words are most welcome!

  6. This is rather late I'm sure, but I just noticed this link is recursive; Did you merge your two blogs at some point, or is it late and I'm missing something? Or did you close your other one?

  7. Yup, we merged them and closed the old one, cheers!