Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Rogue Trader and entourage

Hi all

First up, sorry for the lack of update from myself, lots of stuff going on in Real Life (tm) but I've still had time for some hobby, even if gaming time has been thin on the ground. We're thinking about taking the campaign off of Jeriko Reach (once we've resolved the Genestealer Cult uprising), and into the Maelstrom (with all the pirates, Chaos, Orks, rebels etc that live there!). With that in mind, I've been working on a Rogue Trader and his entourage, the first few models of which are shown here.

This is the (as yet unamed) Rogue Trader, with the shore party.

A Tau Air Caste pilot, who the Rogue Trader picked up after finding him blown way off course by the warp currents and washed up on a deserted world in the Maelstrom. He's such an ace the Rogue Trader uses him to fly orbit-to-ground missions. I plan to get one of the new Valkyries as his personal shuttle, painted in the Rogue Trader's livery.

The Rogue himself!

The Navigator, made of loads of bits from different models, with a third eye modelled on with Green Stuff.

The Rogue Trader's bodyguard, using an out-of-production Necromunda Bounty Hunter.
More to come, plus details of our plans to start a new blog as and when the action moves on!


  1. Nice conversions, a good base to start from!

  2. Strangley enough I've just finished Inquisitor Pratchett, his fearsome warhound lulu, deadly servitor H1CK0R3 and retinue of uninfected Swamp Tiger stagglers found in the wilds..

    Pics to follow...

  3. Excellent stuff! Its great to see an actual guild navigator!

    Have you thought of adding some of the other characters such as illuminati and sensei from the old slaves to darkness book?

    Heres a bit of a blurb on them:


    The Sensei especially might make a nice characterful force (The emperors biological children, immortal and powerful psykers but hunted and outlawed by the inquisition!)

  4. That's a really cool idea Lt! I've just dug out my copy of Realm of Chaos and taking a look at the Sensei adventurer bands rules I think they could be slotted right in to our campaign. I'd use the RT points calculation formula, multiplied by 10 for the Necro gang rating. All advances and equipment acquisition are handled through their own rules so they wouldn't use the Necro advance system. They start off with a max of 5 models, most of which will be hero level, so would be a good project for a few centrepiece conversions...cheers!

  5. two_heads_talking22 May 2009 at 19:51

    hey, that inquisitor looks vaguely familiar. What did you use for inspiration with this gang?

    and are they a specific ordo?

  6. They're Rogue Traders mate! I'll be writing up some background soon so it should all make sense :-)

  7. I know this is terribly late, but I just discovered you guys' stuff. What a great idea! I'll certainly be following it in the future.

    Can you tell me what model you used for that Tau pilot?

  8. Thanks mate!

    The pilot is made by Forge World...


  9. Thanks for the help, Colonel! I'll run out and grab a pack of those a.s.a.p.!