Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Battle of Dogtown - Roguemunda battle report

Somewhere on the verges of the lawless Maelstrom, the frontier world of Forget-Me-Not is sliding into anarchy and chaos. The Imperium has largely withdrawn, leaving only local defence militia forces to deal with the upsurge in pirate activity.

This battle report tells the tale of a pirate attack on an agri-settlement on the verdant, yet increasingly chaotic world of Forget-Me-Not. We used the Necromunda skirmish system, with the Rogue Trader vehicle rules published in the White Dwarf Compendium. The defenders of the Dogtown settlement (controlled by Captain Jack) were put together as a Van Saar gang (with a pit slave and a cyber mastiff too), while the attacking pirates were Scavvies (controlled by Colonel Kane). Pontiff GM’d the game, throwing in plenty of extra fun events for both players to overcome.

In this scenario, the space pirates would be looking to loot the buildings and the crates, before escaping before the local militia arrives with the heavy weapons. The townsfolk can attempt to call the militia in early, by getting a model into the comms centre and sending a distress call. There’s a chance the militia will arrive each turn, which is increased if a model has made the call.

Here’s what happened…

The settlement of Dogtown, just ripe for the pickin’…

The townsfolk going about their business.

The pirates swagger into town, not expecting much resistance.

The pirates advance towards the centre of town, checking the crates for loot as they go.

One group of pirates peels of left.

The townsfolk don’t like the look of these strangers, and muster a posse to see ‘em off.

A pirate fires a flamer, taking down the agri-servitor (pit slave) and tech. Fortunately for the defenders, the flamer fails its ammo check and is now useless.

 One of the townsfolk climbs into the cab of a handy land-crawler.

 Rounding the corner, the crawler bears down on a pirate investigating the agri-dome.

The pirate fails to jump out of the way, and is run down, though he somehow survives the experience.

The crawler continues its rampage, bearing down on a second pirate…

…and splats him too (though he too managed to avoid death).

A defender reaches the comms centre, and the distress call is sent. The fuzz assure her they’ll be there any minute!

Little Dayv (a mutant who ‘counts as’ a scavvy armed with a pair of power fists) ‘has a word’ with the driver of the crawler, destroying the vehicle and killing the driver in the process.

The pirate captain rampages through the defenders…

…before Mayor Shaddy strolls out to insist that he ‘get off his land’. In the ensuing fight, the captain is slain.

The fuzz arrive on scene.

The pirates fail their bottle test, and leg it!

‘Put the gun down son, you’re coming with us…’
Wanted for grox-rustling and unlawful anarchy.

At the end of the game, the mutant Little Dayv and one of the pirates had been captured by the militia, so our next game will be a rescue attempt. Although the pictures didn’t come out to prove it, the most intense action was fought on the right flank, where the cyber-mastiff ‘Lulu the Terrorhound’ slew three pirates with her bare teeth.

Many thanks to Pontiff for a great game on some really cool, old-school scenery!


  1. Awesome pictures, really tells the story! I thought my right flank was toast until the truck ran over the two gangers, only to be destroyed by 'Little Dave'.

    Great set up, great game!

  2. They did, apart from the shots of the mayhem on the right side with Lulu the Terrorhound killing the three pirates.

  3. Great stuff as always, good photos and story- made my day.

  4. Stunning terrain and what looks like a fun game to boot. I'm a fan of skirmish style games...if only I could talk my fervent 40k friends into a smaller scale.