Saturday, 13 February 2010

It seems I've been a bit quiet lately...

Greetings, just want to post a few WiP's that I've got going on for the blog. I feel like I'm trailing far behind in the production of new gangs and gangers, so here is a gang that I'm working on at the moment. They are an unnamed as yet security group, consisting of some armoured guards, and an investigative team.
Also I have been getting on with my Tech gang, but I don't have them handy to take pictures. It's been slow progress due to getting a bucket load of current Tyranids painted up! There are some pictures here now though!
There are also some new purchases from Heresy minis in the form of a sentry and rocket launcher for the Con-Fectors. Not forgetting a nasty, that I may be using as a special character.
Finally an update on some Hasslefree bits that I have been working at on and off.


  1. Very nicely done mate, can't wait to see them on the table :-)

  2. And very cool they are too mate. Did the 'Sun worms' turn up with the Heresy order? Looking forward to running a Roguemunda game with them :-)