Sunday, 7 February 2010

A non campaign pure RT game.

This weekend I ran a battle for some mates on the industrial scene that I have known for years but not really gamed with (other than a few drunken post party games of Space Hulk with Carrie).

Sooo with Morgan, Carrie, Heather, Tom and Sian(the wife) over I put together an 'aliens' esque game on my agri-world for the guys.

The Battlefield

In this game advance elements of a hive fleet led by an bio-enhanced Zoat recce officer has landed on the world and homed in on the nearest life signs - Jadeberry farm and staff.

Hive Fleet Vanguard

Other elements of the fleets vanguard had seriously mauled beta platoon of the IX Iridian Regiment tasked with defending the the world and the survivors had made their way to the nearest defendable settlement - Jadeberry Farm.

Beta Platoon Iridian IX and Civilians

Sian and Heather played Beta Platoon, Carrie and Tom the Tyranids and Morgan played the unpredictable farm hands.

The Imperial Army enter Jadeberry Farm and are told by farmer Maddox to 'Get orff moi laaand!' until the seriousness of the situation is explained to him and his staff.

The game began with the tyrnanids moving through cover to the flanks with the rapid stealer unit racing down one wing. The guard moved into the settlement as Morgans 'farmer maddox' decided to throw his lot in with the soldiers even though they were despoiling his land.

Carries Hunter Killer units flank left and right guided by the Zoat leader.

While Tom's stealers scuttle around the fuel storage tanks on the right flank and fail their charge against the Imperials giving them a much needed extra few shots!

The tyranids rapidly advanced with the stealers while the hunter killer squads hung back seemingly more interested in scouting the farm. The humans put down some pitiful fire and before they knew it they were hit by a wave of stealers and the game turned into a desperate hand to hand battle with the tech adept managing to net a few tyranid stragglers with his webber and put them out of action.

Ogryn Sgt Te'Pow uses the trucks back cargo bay as hard cover while putting down suppressive fire!

And the Tyranid hoarde hit the humans like a wave of teeth, fangs and chitin! The civilians behind the baricades rush to help out the beleagured army troopers (and at this point the securi-pict system was disabled by the 'nids - or my batteries in the camera ran out... your choice ;) )

Luckily (amazingly in fact) the humans beat off the tyranids (even the halfling cook killed a stealer) but not before at their darkest hour the tech and astropath bottles it and climbed into the supply truck and sped out of the gates!

Eventually, cut to ribbons and reduced to a few wounds each Capt Le Bonne and Ogrun Sgt Te'Pow were the last two standing surrounded by a sea of dead beasties.

Iridian IX KIA List
Sniper (abhm) Adams
Chief mechanic Almond
Sgt Donovan
Trp Minogue
Trp Jackson
Tpr Cooper
Tpr Astley
Tpr Jackson
Trp Kemp
Trp (abhm) Roop


  1. You seriously have to do a post about how you guys get your partners and female friends involved in your games. You're the only person I've ever come across who's managed to get them playing. I'd love to here their prespective as well.

    Also, cracking game write up mate!

  2. Nicely done mate - how 'pure' RT was it? You were talking about using the Duck Back and Shot rules, but I assume you didn't here?

  3. Pure RT as in we only used the rules from the main rule book and vehicle chart from the compendium rather than our using inclusion of pinning/injuries and 2nd ed close combat. (btw RT hand to hand is failry lengthy and not that decisive!)

    As for getting the ladies involved, I think it helps that a lot of my friends are from the goth/alternative scene where most of the girls dont recoil from gaming and in particular RPG based games in horror.

    In fact Carrie and I were in the same 'Vampire the Masquerade' live roleplaying group at University in the 90s and my partner Sian had an attic full of Warhammer Quest and a High Elf army when i met her!

    I think with enough story and interesting enough character motivation a lot of women find the games more accessible than say for example a marines vs orcs 3rd edition tournament style battle.

  4. I've just noticed the biscuits in the first shot - are those RT era biscuits?


  5. Cthellian Shortcake, not strictly rogue trader as they were featured in the transitional RT to 2nd ed. sourcecook 'Pantry Approved - the first book of the gastronomican'

  6. I have a copy of that saucebook somewhere :-)

  7. As much as I have a severely negative gut reaction to seeing genestealers reduced to the position of a "'Nid" fast-attack unit, it's nice to see a Tyranid force being led by a power glove-wielding Zoat!

    Between that and seeing Guard models I've had rattling around for two decades put to good use, I'm finding myself longing for a classic RT game myself...

    (Oh, and on the side-topic of gamer girlfriends/wives/etc., my solution: only get involved with someone who games. I learned long ago that it just doesn't work (for me) to get involved with someone who isn't involved in my hobby (or, worse, "tolerates" it). My philosophy: If you're looking at the possibility of spending the remaining years of your life with someone, why would you choose someone who doesn't love the things you love?)

  8. Goth girls, you've got to love them. At least my wife supports me, suppose I've got to be thankful for that.

  9. "Goth girls, you've got to love them"

    oh i have, many, many of them, many many times... :)

  10. In the 'Beta Platoon Iridian IX and Civilians' image, any idea what the model in the back row, second from the right is?

    (sorry for commenting so far after the fact, but I just found the blog. ^^ )

  11. No problem mate! I think its the psyker from the Rogue Trader Adventurers range - top row, second from the left in this pic...

    (Pontiff will be able to confirm when he's back from airsofting!)

  12. That definitely looks like the right miniature. Now I just have to find a mini that's probably been out of print for over a decade ^.^;