Friday 19 February 2010

Aztec Demon Frogmen...from Spaaace!

Here's a pic of the first of the Space Slann miniatures I'm painting. I have an almost complete set (just one still to find) and so this is testing out the colour scheme. The green is Citadel Foundation Gretching Green, with an Asurman Blue Wash, which was highlighted up by way of 'translucent layers', using the wash to water down more Gretchin Green. Final highlights were Camo Green.

Hopefully I'll get time over the next few weeks to paint the whole warband, and then it can make an appearance on the world of Forget-me-not in some Rogue Trader B-movie-style old skool action!

Saturday 13 February 2010

It seems I've been a bit quiet lately...

Greetings, just want to post a few WiP's that I've got going on for the blog. I feel like I'm trailing far behind in the production of new gangs and gangers, so here is a gang that I'm working on at the moment. They are an unnamed as yet security group, consisting of some armoured guards, and an investigative team.
Also I have been getting on with my Tech gang, but I don't have them handy to take pictures. It's been slow progress due to getting a bucket load of current Tyranids painted up! There are some pictures here now though!
There are also some new purchases from Heresy minis in the form of a sentry and rocket launcher for the Con-Fectors. Not forgetting a nasty, that I may be using as a special character.
Finally an update on some Hasslefree bits that I have been working at on and off.

Friday 12 February 2010

Great minds think alike?

Whilst trawling around the interwebs I've found some other groups using the term 'Roguemunda' to describe a hybrid of Necromunda and Rogue Trader rules they've cobbled together to use in their games. I guess there's something about the two rules sets that just do it for poeple like us! Whilst our own group tends to freestyle things by mutual consent, other groups have actually got around to setting their ideas down so others can use them too.

Here's a great example, and oddly, they do something which our own group has considered, which is taking the 'Logan's World' background from the Rogue Trader rulebook and using it as their own setting.

If anyone else wants to post links to their own, similar efforts here then please feel free to comment, with your links.

Keep up the good work everyone :-)

Sunday 7 February 2010

A non campaign pure RT game.

This weekend I ran a battle for some mates on the industrial scene that I have known for years but not really gamed with (other than a few drunken post party games of Space Hulk with Carrie).

Sooo with Morgan, Carrie, Heather, Tom and Sian(the wife) over I put together an 'aliens' esque game on my agri-world for the guys.

The Battlefield

In this game advance elements of a hive fleet led by an bio-enhanced Zoat recce officer has landed on the world and homed in on the nearest life signs - Jadeberry farm and staff.

Hive Fleet Vanguard

Other elements of the fleets vanguard had seriously mauled beta platoon of the IX Iridian Regiment tasked with defending the the world and the survivors had made their way to the nearest defendable settlement - Jadeberry Farm.

Beta Platoon Iridian IX and Civilians

Sian and Heather played Beta Platoon, Carrie and Tom the Tyranids and Morgan played the unpredictable farm hands.

The Imperial Army enter Jadeberry Farm and are told by farmer Maddox to 'Get orff moi laaand!' until the seriousness of the situation is explained to him and his staff.

The game began with the tyrnanids moving through cover to the flanks with the rapid stealer unit racing down one wing. The guard moved into the settlement as Morgans 'farmer maddox' decided to throw his lot in with the soldiers even though they were despoiling his land.

Carries Hunter Killer units flank left and right guided by the Zoat leader.

While Tom's stealers scuttle around the fuel storage tanks on the right flank and fail their charge against the Imperials giving them a much needed extra few shots!

The tyranids rapidly advanced with the stealers while the hunter killer squads hung back seemingly more interested in scouting the farm. The humans put down some pitiful fire and before they knew it they were hit by a wave of stealers and the game turned into a desperate hand to hand battle with the tech adept managing to net a few tyranid stragglers with his webber and put them out of action.

Ogryn Sgt Te'Pow uses the trucks back cargo bay as hard cover while putting down suppressive fire!

And the Tyranid hoarde hit the humans like a wave of teeth, fangs and chitin! The civilians behind the baricades rush to help out the beleagured army troopers (and at this point the securi-pict system was disabled by the 'nids - or my batteries in the camera ran out... your choice ;) )

Luckily (amazingly in fact) the humans beat off the tyranids (even the halfling cook killed a stealer) but not before at their darkest hour the tech and astropath bottles it and climbed into the supply truck and sped out of the gates!

Eventually, cut to ribbons and reduced to a few wounds each Capt Le Bonne and Ogrun Sgt Te'Pow were the last two standing surrounded by a sea of dead beasties.

Iridian IX KIA List
Sniper (abhm) Adams
Chief mechanic Almond
Sgt Donovan
Trp Minogue
Trp Jackson
Tpr Cooper
Tpr Astley
Tpr Jackson
Trp Kemp
Trp (abhm) Roop

Saturday 6 February 2010

New terrain now painted.

Very quick paint jobs in time for an RT demo game being ran this Sunday.

and here's the interior of the ruined hab and some more of the barn.

Friday 5 February 2010

Todays terrain.

Last pieces for the farm set (for now)

New stuff done today.

A ruined version of one of the hab blocks and a 'wriggly tin' barn.


Wednesday 3 February 2010

The Battle of Dogtown - Roguemunda battle report

Somewhere on the verges of the lawless Maelstrom, the frontier world of Forget-Me-Not is sliding into anarchy and chaos. The Imperium has largely withdrawn, leaving only local defence militia forces to deal with the upsurge in pirate activity.

This battle report tells the tale of a pirate attack on an agri-settlement on the verdant, yet increasingly chaotic world of Forget-Me-Not. We used the Necromunda skirmish system, with the Rogue Trader vehicle rules published in the White Dwarf Compendium. The defenders of the Dogtown settlement (controlled by Captain Jack) were put together as a Van Saar gang (with a pit slave and a cyber mastiff too), while the attacking pirates were Scavvies (controlled by Colonel Kane). Pontiff GM’d the game, throwing in plenty of extra fun events for both players to overcome.

In this scenario, the space pirates would be looking to loot the buildings and the crates, before escaping before the local militia arrives with the heavy weapons. The townsfolk can attempt to call the militia in early, by getting a model into the comms centre and sending a distress call. There’s a chance the militia will arrive each turn, which is increased if a model has made the call.

Here’s what happened…

The settlement of Dogtown, just ripe for the pickin’…

The townsfolk going about their business.

The pirates swagger into town, not expecting much resistance.

The pirates advance towards the centre of town, checking the crates for loot as they go.

One group of pirates peels of left.

The townsfolk don’t like the look of these strangers, and muster a posse to see ‘em off.

A pirate fires a flamer, taking down the agri-servitor (pit slave) and tech. Fortunately for the defenders, the flamer fails its ammo check and is now useless.

 One of the townsfolk climbs into the cab of a handy land-crawler.

 Rounding the corner, the crawler bears down on a pirate investigating the agri-dome.

The pirate fails to jump out of the way, and is run down, though he somehow survives the experience.

The crawler continues its rampage, bearing down on a second pirate…

…and splats him too (though he too managed to avoid death).

A defender reaches the comms centre, and the distress call is sent. The fuzz assure her they’ll be there any minute!

Little Dayv (a mutant who ‘counts as’ a scavvy armed with a pair of power fists) ‘has a word’ with the driver of the crawler, destroying the vehicle and killing the driver in the process.

The pirate captain rampages through the defenders…

…before Mayor Shaddy strolls out to insist that he ‘get off his land’. In the ensuing fight, the captain is slain.

The fuzz arrive on scene.

The pirates fail their bottle test, and leg it!

‘Put the gun down son, you’re coming with us…’
Wanted for grox-rustling and unlawful anarchy.

At the end of the game, the mutant Little Dayv and one of the pirates had been captured by the militia, so our next game will be a rescue attempt. Although the pictures didn’t come out to prove it, the most intense action was fought on the right flank, where the cyber-mastiff ‘Lulu the Terrorhound’ slew three pirates with her bare teeth.

Many thanks to Pontiff for a great game on some really cool, old-school scenery!