Wednesday 15 April 2015

Rogue Trader Technomads

Just a quick post - I converted these 'technomads' on a whim yesterday, using parts from the new Citadel Skitarii, some High Elf Archers and some Max Mini Desert Dwellers heads. I plan to make ten to twenty so they can make an appearance in a Rogue Trader game, and the desert tribesman look makes me think they might be a chance to revisit our old Jericho Reach campaign setting (if you browse our very earliest posts you'll find battle reports from a good six or more years ago that I imported from our old Jericho Reach blog).

Sunday 12 April 2015

In the Cluches of Chaos project progress!

A few months back I posted here how Paul of the most excellent Sho3box old school wargaming blog and myself had concocted the idea of a conversion exchange, wherein we each decide between us on a theme, convert a suitable model and exchange the results, going on to paint the model we'd received and then use it in a battle report to be featured on our own blogs.

Well, I converted my piece and sent it to Paul - it has yet to arrive with him so I won't reveal what it is (I'll let him do that on his own blog). Paul's piece for me has arrived though, and I wanted to show it off, and express my thanks to Paul - its a wonderful conversion and very much in line with the 'captured by Chaos' theme we'd agreed upon.

The Sho3box Daemon unleashed!

I hope to get it painted in the very near future and then I'll put together a scenario and run a game, the results of which I'll publish here. I'm already thinking the game should involve the Cultists I've been working on, plus an old school Ordo Malleus, Realm of Chaos style Inquisitor. It would be especially grim and brooding fought in the confines of my Zone Mortalis terrain set too, so look out for that!

Once again, many thanks to Paul and I'll post a link to the Sho3box blog when he announces his end of the project is progressing.