Thursday 29 July 2010

Space Slann Work in Progress

I've now painted five of my Space Slann (which includes all but one of the original range, plus a limited/unreleased one I got hold of). I was inspired by Major Hazzard's old-school hobby-fu to post them up (and it'll encourage me to finish them off...).

Wednesday 28 July 2010

A little more work on the Sensei band




A new Nom De Plume

Some of you may be wondering where the Pontiff went...

Well it's me!

Now posting as Major Hazzard as no end of techno-faff ups made the old account unavailable... it's not such a bad thing as the character of the Pontiff was really very much for the Jeriko Reach setting and this ones a little more 'catch all'.

So for the record... Major Hazzard and Pontiff ohm Achara are the same person. :)

Hobby work in progress

Lots of stuff in the pipeline for this Autumns gaming (i'm heavily involved in the Re-enactment/living history scene so tend to not have much time in the summer months to paint or play!)

As you can see a definite jungle theme going on for 'Forget Me Not' and some adventures set there including some ruined statues and some native Jokaero. Also working on four vintage Rhinos, i was lucky enough to get several in utterly wrecked states and by carefully reducing them to components was able to make two complete ones and two wrecks - these will be an Space Marine complete and wrecked of the same vehicle and a similar one for the Swamp Tigers.

Other stuff on the cards is an Eldar Trade complete with a bodyguard and my own Sensai band that you can sea at the front.. with some alien 'muscle' (or should that be 'fin').





Sunday 18 July 2010

Deathwatch Kill-team painted and ready for action

Afternoon all!
Just spent the afternoon finishing up on the Deathwatch Kill-team. Just need to get some Hasslefree Masaans ordered (hopefully in the next few days) then I'll be running some alien-hunting games.

Kill-team Watch-Captain

Kill-team leader

Assault Marine

Devastator Marine

Tactical Marine

Tactical Marine