Thursday 24 April 2008

A sign from the stars..?

Our brothers at the northern watchtower report strange lights seen in last nights calm skies..

They could not be sure if they saw a comet or other celestial phenomenon but Brother K'Vah believes it may have been a ship in distress burning up upon our atmosphere.

Certainly its is unusual as we have had no visitors to our world for quite some time.

On the off chance it was a ship I shall dispatch journeymen to search for them and bring them safely too us.

We pray for their souls.

O'hm Aracha

Contact report: Condensor A68

Corperal Dane responded to Adeptus Arbites transmission in vicinity of Condensor A68x221. Upon arrival, Dane's provost section found the Arbites under fire from around a dozen tribesmen. Dane reported the presence of additional, unidentified assailants, possibly some form of mutant.

Upon Dane's arrival enemy opened fire, before extracting. Heavy losses to Arbites patrol.

Outland patrols to be increased.

A plea for calm...


Our missionaries return from tending to the Hill tribes of Kabla and are greatly distressed by the unrest of these noble people.

Too long have the uncaring elite of Jeriko's Reach treated these people as second class citizens.

Our ministers have urged them to seek peaceful solutions to their problems but unless the people of our fair planet allow our order to intervene i fear the hills will no longer be safe for travellers or pilgrims.

Bless you all.

O'hm Aracha