Wednesday 14 November 2012

Participation Maelstrom Xmas game -come and join us.

Heya guys and girls. We'll be running out Xmas game this year at the Wargames Foundry factory store in Nottingham City Centre and would love you to drop in and join us for a game. We're planning a multi faction incident on an Imperial World beset by rebellion and will be inviting blog followers to drop in, take control of a squad and have a game with us. It's totally free, we'll provide all the minis and scenery and GM the game for you. This is provisionally booked for Saturday the 15th of December but this may be subject to change. Please leave a comment here if you'd like to attend so we can have a rough idea of numbers. Ideally we'll have four factions, each sub diviable into smaller forces but will have to cap it to five players a side at any one point on a first come first served basis (although if you've come from miles away we'll fit you in somehow even if we're busy). The idea is to run the same two hour scenario twice on the day between around 11am start and a finishing time of 4pm.