Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Old Stuff Day post

Just thought I'd re-post this picture for Old Stuff Day :-)


  1. I love the landscape, backdrop and light in this shot too. There is a cinematic feel, and definitely a sense of a distant world.

    This is real restraint when I think of all the excellence you have on this blog. To any other visitors reading this: you won't regret browsing past posts. There's a list of categories a little higher up on the right, and a list of posts further down. I especially recommend 'Battle Reports' and 'Hobby'.

  2. Thanks Porky, that means a lot coming from you! I haven't been able to give the whole Old Stuff Day a lot of thought, but I thought I should do something. To make up for it a bit I've added a '5 most popular' posts to the gadget to blog :-)

  3. Cool name! This starts to give a sense of it all and those pics can't not draw pointers in.

  4. just made the vortex grenade template comment and had to comment again...I love the life of Brian reference!

  5. Wow! That's utterly brilliant! There is so much narrative in this picture! I must ask you where the arms on the prisoner came from? Are they Catachan arms?

    1. Many thanks :-) The arms are actually from the plastic Empire Flagellants, they're the ones that come in a wooden stock, which I removed.

  6. Oh, wow. That's a very nice compilation of bits! Kudos to you my friend. I never would of thought of such a way to utilise bits like that!