Tuesday 12 October 2010

Rogue Trader command crew Work in Progress

Just a quick update as I haven't posted in a while! Here's a Rogue Trader command crew, missing only the Astropath and some armed ratings.

Left to right, we have the Missionary (Citadel Uriah Jacobus miniature), Void Master (conversion), Seneschal (Citadel Master of the Fleet miniature), Rogue Trader (conversion), Navigator (conversion), Void Mistress (Chick Challenge 2004 miniature), Explorator (Citadel Skullz promo miniature), an Arch Miliatnt (based on Citadel Scout Sergeant Telion) and a Kroot Scout (Games Day special).

Hopefully they'll be finished in the next few weeks and we can run a battle report!


  1. Sorry for the late post but that is an awesome warband. Any more progress on it?

  2. Cheers :-) I've been distracted by a Warhammer Lizardman army, but these are ticking away in the background!