Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Henrie Boys expand!

Just to keep you all updated with the state of play in regards to the Henrie Boys gang. They are doing really well, considering they have only played in three games, and now have a gang rating of over 2000!

For the future I plan to use the Ash Wastes supplement to design a vehicle or two (the ones that are almost finished from my WiP's), and I may also bring in some more gangers. Having earned over 1200 credits from selling off the two war robots and other items that were scavenged, the gang is in a really strong position to push out the rag tag forces of the Pontiff. I maybe able to convince the Guild to give me more of a voice on the Planetary Council, and put some pressure on the Guard contingent to look elsewhere.


  1. It's incredible how fast an underdog gang catches up, and very cool as it evens things out quickly. Lookin forward to seeing some vehicles on the table!

  2. two_heads_talking13 April 2009 at 17:32

    Have you guys written up the vehicle rules as well, or are you using a variant that's printed somewhere?

  3. Hey mate

    The plan is to use the Necromunda Ash Wastes vehicle rules, though they seem a bit arcane so we may end up tweaking them!