Sunday 27 September 2009

Jungle Trees terrain

I've just started making some jungle trees, and as Krug asked about buildings in a previous post, I thought I'd post the progress of these as I went along. The plan is to create enough 'stands' of jungle trees to dominate a 4x4 table. I'll be making them in two batches - the first will be pretty generic, so they can be used in any setting (we've also been playing a Vietnam game, so these will be used for that) and the second batch will be more 40k in style, with various bits and bobs on the bases.

I have loads of the GW plastic trees, so wanted to use them, probably along with some aquarium plant bits too.

I started out by cutting kidney-shaped bases from 5mm foam core. I then chamfered (is that the phrase?) the edges, first with a scalpal, and then with a sanding block.

Then I glued on the bases of the plastic jungles trees, and painted filler over the whole base. Once that was dry I dabbed wood glue around and sprinkled sand in various places.

So this is where I am after an afternoon's work. Once this lot's dry I plan to paint the bases and use ground up dried leaves as leaf litter, to give a realistic 'jungle floor' look.

That's it for now!

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