Sunday, 21 March 2010

"People called the Imperium they go to the house?"

Hey guys

I've been a bit quiet recently as work has been busy, but I've just spent a few hours knocking up a bit of terrain for a campaign game I want to run, and had a bit of (very amateur!) fun mucking around with the pics in photoshop.

So, here's an Adeptus Arbite Watch-Precinct. It's made from two of the new GW Bastion kits (plenty of spare bits left over for other projects). Instead of all the weapons the kit comes with I've used all the scanner type bits, as this is intended as an Adeptus Arbites spy-tower for keeping watch on the scum, not as a military installation (plus, eight heavy bolters would ruin one of our skirmish games pretty quick!)

And here's the real reason I made the terrain...


  1. See, you can't go wrong with a well-placed Python quote.

  2. great looking bastion, and nice reference ; ) very clever.