Sunday 18 July 2010

Deathwatch Kill-team painted and ready for action

Afternoon all!
Just spent the afternoon finishing up on the Deathwatch Kill-team. Just need to get some Hasslefree Masaans ordered (hopefully in the next few days) then I'll be running some alien-hunting games.

Kill-team Watch-Captain

Kill-team leader

Assault Marine

Devastator Marine

Tactical Marine

Tactical Marine

1 comment:

  1. These are a great selection of 'character' models and they really suit the veteran nature of the Death Watch. Nice job on these with a rather gritty feel to them.

    I have a couple of the boss Meezans and they are great minis...they are quite big too. The standard Meezans are about Kroot sized (if you haven't seen them up close before) and the boss Meezans are a little larger than they'll be perfect for an alien bashing game.