Sunday, 27 November 2011

Xenos Beasties from the Outer Void

Just a couple of shots of alien beasties I've finished recently. I've been reading a lot of HP Lovecraft of late, so if my hobby output gets a little gribbly he's to blame!

Enslavers, made using the old Grenadier Miniature Beholders (now produced by Mirliton - they were kind enough to sell me six individually.)

A Devourer of Red Arcturus (a Reaper Miniatures Darkspawn Devourer).


  1. The Devourer would fit well in Strange Aeons!

  2. ooo very cool gribblies I like the Darkspawn Devourer might make a good 'The Thing' monster

  3. Very nice and very Rogue Trader-y (naturally).

    I get a Kang and Kodos vibe from the Enslavers. I think that its from the shifty sideways glances that they are giving me.