Thursday 19 January 2012

A blast from the past.. minis i painted 20-25 years ago!

I've been trying to assemble all the old minis I had (and later sold) in the 80s as part of a bit of a nostalgia trip/rogue trader project. I've bitterly regretted selling some of the stuff i used to have thats cost me loads to buy back again (not to mention priceless one offs like the 'orgus flyer').

So i was pretty much amazed when an old uni days house mate said he'd found a load of my models during a clear out and 'did i want them back?'

Well they're a bit battered and chipped and the assault squad have since been 'converted' to all have power swords (damn 2nd ed lists) but it was weird recieving in the post minis i'd painted when i was 15.

Even better still I had a landraider and judge dredd bike that were not originally mine anyway lumped into the package!

Quite a bit of repair and repaint to do (althought i'm tempted to leave a few of the duplicates as the are for the sake of it) and the landraider is missing a few bits...

So anyone got a trashed original landraider they can spare a top hatch and an exhaust off? (i can probably source the HB bolters off plastic squat ones and wire)


  1. I also used to have those assault marines. I traded them with my brother in law years ago and helped him to convert them a bit like your guys back in 2000 or so. Very characterful figures. You should have a lot of fun painting them.

    I found my old Land Raider in more or less intact condition recently. I can make you a Green Stuff cast of the hatch from a push mould if nobody else comes up with a kit that you can cannibalise. Drop me a line if you want that :)

    1. Cheers, Andy said he might have a spare one but if he doesnt then if you could mould me one that would be great.

  2. Damn thats cracking good news. And here I was chuffed the other day just to find my complete Necromunda set at my old folk's place while looking for some old corgi cars to convert! If only the same thing would happen to me. Not likely though, the guy I gave most of my Rt stuff to still uses it.
    At least it's not just gathering dust in some cupboard somewhere.

  3. P.S Forgot to ask. Mind if I borrow your Olde Skool Approved image for my blog? Assuming that it's not a blogger award or something similar.

  4. For blog pics from photobucket the "Direct Link" code works well for me. The IMG codes are more for forums.

    Neat getting a time capsule of minis like that!