Monday 9 April 2012

Frontier Bug Hunt - Inq28 Battle Report

Well then, its clearly been way too long since any of us had a chance to post on Tales from the Maelstrom, but Martini Henri and myself had a chance to play a game yesterday, so we took a few shots to post here. We're both taking part in an event called the 'Inqvitational' in July - this is a campaign day to be played in Warhammer World in Nottingham, using the Inquisitor rules set with 28mm miniatures. John Blanche is taking part, and apparently special terrain is being made for the day, so it should be pretty cool. While I'm just playing, Martini Henri is GM'ing, so we thought we'd get a few practise games in to re-acquaint ourselves with the rules.

So, for this game we decided to have an Inquisitor and his two henchmen swagger into a frontier town following up reports that the inhabitants had been infected with some sort of xenos taint. His objective was to acquire a grav-sled cargo shunter carrying a pair of stasis crypts with bio samples within and to get it out safely. The enemy would be represented by the classic 'blips', so while the Inquisitor could see them on his bio-scanner he didn't know what each represented until they were revealed.

Martini Henri came up with a really good system for revealing the blips, inspired somewhat by the WW2 strategy game 'Combat Mission'. In that game, whenever your troops hear a vehicle over the hill its tagged 'Tiger', because that's what they most fear it is! As it gets closer it's inevitably downgraded, such as to 'Panzer 4' until eventually a 251 trundles around the bend and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. We did the same thing, so when the blip was revealed a Lictor was initially placed, which was later on replaced by a Genestealer, and finally by a small (and perfectly innocent )dog! (most of the time...)

So, here's a few shots from the game, along with some commentary on how events played out.

 Our Soul's End, a small frontier settlement on Jeriko Reach. Quiet, ain't it...?

 Inquisitor Sickle and two henchmen, Arbitrator Max and Subhadar Jemshi arrive.

Contact right!  

Inquisitor Sickle takes to the rooftops to get a better view of the town. 

The Subhadar hears something... sure its nothing. 

Tiger! Open fire... nope, just another dust rat... 

More movement, this time on the rooftops ahead. 

With Sickle and Max covering him, the Subhadar makes a dash for the objective. 

The bold henchman fires up the grav-shunter, only to vanish in a cloud of blood a moment later.
The killer reveals itself and Inquisitor Sickle leaps from the rooftop to engage it. The ensuing combat was brief but bloody, and by its end the Inquisitor was only one left standing, a fresh bio-sample in hand to take back to base.


  1. Nice little game report. Looks like fun.

  2. thought you must have died or something, it was sooo long between posts :P

    did i read right, you guys are going to a GW event, playing modern 40K?

    If so i hope you come back even more motivated to play RT!

  3. Thanks mate :-)

    Its not a modern 40k event, its a series of games using the Inquisitor rules published twelve years ago!

  4. I've got Inquisitor rules somewhere on my laptop, downloaded from the Specialist Games page ages ago. Never gave them a read - but may have to now.

    Great little report, very atmospheric :)

  5. Wow! Great stuff!
    I've never tried the Inquisitor rules... I'm not sure why. But I've got a copy so maybe this will inspire a look through. Playing it with 'normal' sized figures would certainly increase the appeal for the guys I game with.

  6. Looks like a great game. I will see you at the Inquivitational.

    Little Brother

  7. Great to see you guys back in action, I was getting worried there for a minute! Reading your battle reports has got me digging out the old 40K collection again from the late 80's early 90's and dusting them off:-) Out of interest, who makes the 'frontier buildings' shown in the report?

  8. Great to see you guys back again, had me worried there! Having inspired me to dust off the old collection and try a bit of RT gaming again, can I ask where you got the desert shacks shown in the photo report?


  9. Thanks Gary. The buildings were made by a friend and given to me ages back, sadly not available commercially.

  10. Cheers for the quick response Andy, shame about the bespoke buildings though, they do look great in your game setting. I've been eyeing up the Sarissa Precision infinity buildings for my frontier town, perhaps a little 'cleaner' than yours, but we'll see what extras I can bolt on for that grunge look.

  11. I have a load of the Sarissa walkways and buildings (just spent a load more cash on it at Salute) and they are great. They could be dirtied up quite easily, and the new stickers from Hasslefree certainly brings life to the whole thing.

    I will post pics as soon as I get the second lot painted up.

    The game was great, playing as a GM and having a few things up your sleeve helps, especially when someone has special ammo and uses it on 'rats'

  12. Excellent game - really excited to read this! (Even if I am late to the party...)

  13. Just stumbled across this, a friend and I are just venturing into the realms of INQ28 on the back of some heavy Dark Heresy compaigns. I was looking for some inspiration for scenarios and such, this is perfect!

    Give 2012 you props for putting this post together and 2015 you even more for not deleting it!