Wednesday 2 May 2012

Incident on Deathworld 242 +++Incoming Distress Transmission+++ ++ Standard Encryption Decyphered ++ ++ Priority Alpha ++ Recconaisance patrol Dog Four One ++ Location rock clearing, South Crystal Veldt, Sector Able Three Zero Heavy Fire Recieved +++ APC Drive Train Destroyed Casualties three KIA, two Alpha grade wounded one Beta, one Delta +++ Med pack supplies sufficient for triage only +++ Request Immediate Evac, Caution Advised Minefield Suspected ++ +++ Jones, Jones.. watch your arc there's something in that hellgrove bush.... +@:$%^& (Sounds of incoming small arms fire...) CONTACT... WAIT OUT! +++
And dear readers you can find out what happens when Andy and I play our first game in what seems like about a decade tonight! Stay tune to this secure channel to find out whether the Imperial Army lads make it out alive!


  1. Huzzah! Warp batt-reps are back!

  2. Aye sorry about the absence I've been side tracked by really rock n roll stuff like taking out a fireplace and plastering walls...

    I shall connect myself to the 'auto-rack' for correction once the battles over :)

    In all seriousness I tend to find that he spring summer is a nightmare for me to find time for hobby in as my job (and other hobby) which revolves around the living history re-enactment season pretty much explodes between May and August :(

  3. Ah... old Army figs. I need to get what few I have remaining painted up. Looking forward to the batrep!

  4. Some good looking figs there! (And I'm not just referring to the Sigorney Weaver lookalike with her back to us!) Ahh, the good old days when giving a Rhino transport to the 'Army' wasn't tantamount to heresy! Looking forward to the batrep too.

  5. I too have been expanding my 'Army' collection, though e-bay prices seem somewhat..ermm.... random? Still, some good looking figs there (and I'm not just referring to trooper Bush there with her back to us!) Also nice to see an Army Rhino on the table; such a thing now would be classed as heresy!

  6. Phew what a scorcher!

    I'll leave it in Andy's capable hands to write this one up but suffice it to say that was probably for me the most fun game we've ever done.

    Nail biting and a great narrative that unfolded by the whim of the dice but flowed perfectly.

    you're in for a treat guys!

    This may well be the start of a new campaign and we've decided that we may well turn things on their head this time...

  7. And you'll pleased to know guys in the new campaign plans these are 'Imperial Army' not guard, not planetary defence. They are part of a systems standing garrison that covers several worlds...

    Expect to see more eggs on legs sentinels, beastman squads, rhino and landraider transports etc etc

    Its a big galaxy.. there are many non standard formations.. some sectors simply cant build chimeras and valkeries but can build other things.

    I've just finished building a 'Hoppa' that makes a guest appearance in the next batrep...