Sunday 10 August 2014

3rd ed Warhammer Norse

So then, a while back I started a Warhammer 3rd edition Norse army, largely driven by the fact that I first attempted this as a kid back in the late '80s when the original White Dwarf army list was published, but didn't get very far (Rogue Trader took most of my attention I guess!). However, this little collection, along with the box of various other miniatures I've collected for it but not yet assembled, has been glowering in an accusatory manner at me for the last few months, reminding me to carry on.

The army's mostly Foundry Vikings (including some ex-Citadel, which aren't yet assembled), Gripping Beast plastics (great for amassing a proper shieldwall!) plus the Reaper Storm Giant and various bits from Ral Partha Europe and elsewhere.

Then, recently, Gripping Beast released some new plastic Arabs, which got me thinking about doing a Warhammer 3rd Arabian army. They'd certainly be a nice match up with these Norse, perhaps fighting over some lost treasure in the Border Princes, where I'd love to set a campaign. Gadge has a 3rd ed Skaven army on the go and thanks to an unexpected but thankfully brief spell of unemployment, Evo has an entirely painted 3rd ed Dark Elves army which is a thing of glory, so there's scope for plenty of old school fantasy fun.

Or, I could get around to painting the last three unpainted Space Slann in my collection and sourcing the one that I need to complete it, or I could finish painting the Warhammer Quest set...or...

That's why I posted this really, in the hope that putting up a work in progress picture will spur me on to finishing them (as if...)



  1. I am sometimes tempted towards those 3rd edition armies I never had the money for when I was younger...

  2. Same here. Luckily the Gripping Beast plastics are very affordable so I can balance the cheap rank and file with the special purchase Foundry stuff.