Monday, 12 January 2015

Hello from 1989!

This months issue of Miniature Wargames has a column about the 'Oldhammer' movement,  i.e. veteran gamers enjoying earlier editions and miniature ranges. The article refers to several blogs run by people I'm friends with and whose hobby efforts I respect enormously, so it's great to see them recognised. The column even mentions this very blog, which is really nice as we've been running it since early 2008, some time before the (highly appropriate) term 'Oldhammer' was even coined!

I encourage anyone to check out the blogs the article references and I think they're really well chosen. They nicely illustrate the range of interests within the very broadly defined movement, and in particular puts a lie to a common misconception that all players of older editions are grumpy old gits stuck in 1989! In fact, we take our inspiration (and our conversion components!) from many eras and it's the spirit of those early editions and the character of the old ranges that are most important.

Anyone new to all this and who fancies looking closer, I'd highly recommend this Oldhammer Reddit, which has many more links well worth exploring.

See you in 1989!


  1. Its a nicely written and inclusive article I think.

    Interestingly (to me anyway) I reckon that the blogs chosen in the piece highlight the diversity of enthusiasts who explore a fondness for a particular hobby ethos and atmosphere, rather than have a slavish devotion to a bygone era no better or worse than any other.

    Its nice to get a mention one way or another :)

  2. Well deserved gentlemen. Do keep up the good work.