Sunday 25 December 2016

Happy Christmas from the Maelstrom!

Hello all!

Things have been very quiet on this blog, partly due to work commitments but largely because I managed to loose my login details as I rarely use this ID! I was even considering rebooting TftM as a Facebook page for a moment, but I've finally cracked it and reactivated my login!

Anyway, just thought I'd say Happy Christmas and if you're going to the Warhammer World Open Day on the 2nd Jan, see you there!

And here's an Inquisitor I kitbashed a few days ago!


  1. Glad to hear the blog isn't dead.

    I will be there at the New Year Open Day where I will be really, really, hoping to see a load of big stompy titans on display...

  2. Glad your back just found your blog when it stopped have been popping back for an update ever since, great blog!

  3. Very pleased that you did not move to faceplace, and that is a great inquisitor.