Tuesday 12 August 2008

Illegal Aliens...

Data Capture Assessment

Source: Public Order Auger System – Augustine’s Regret (AR) (Vid file:02129)

Visual Image Ref:999880 (VF:02130)

Four unknown armed humanoids possibly xenos enter AR and approach militia unit Charlie 7 zero (Mission: Secure Recovery assignment 99879b)

Later data capture shows evident hostile intent and wargear of alien origin.

(at this point the unknown assailants appear to be cautiously approaching the militia patrol with drawn weapons)

Visual Image Ref 999885 (VF:02131)

Visual feed shows a short and bloody fire-fight where the patrol are gunned down by rapid firing semi silenced projectile weapons - at this point audio probes detect a distress call from patrol Charlie 7 Zero.

Subsequent visual feed is intermittent and scrambled (possibly interference from a high power xenos vox-caster unit) however auger#38987 reveals definite evidence of xenos equipment in use by the raiders before it is disabled by an explosion (tactical evaluation suggests this may be a frag charge from an imperial launcher given the distinctive audio signature).

Assessment ongoing, current threat level intermediate – advise all stations raise alert state to Jade

And away from the table….

In layman’s terms we played the Necormunda ‘stand off’ mission.

An imperial patrol had been sent to liaise in a secret mission with a notorious ‘free trader’ on the behalf of the governor.

The Firehand’s Grey Legion had been tipped off that this known smuggler would be in the area and had decide to see if they could steal away the prize before the imperial forces got there and hold it to ransom, unfortunately both parties arrived at the same time and a ‘stand off occurred in the town square.

As both gangs faced each other the eldar’s nerve broke first. They unleashed a flurry of fire from their shuriken weaponry decimating the guardsmen… as the guard called for back up and panicking citizens fled the area the eldar rear guard moved in to secure the area.

The guard back up team, moving in to evacuate their buddies, walked more or less into wholesale slaughter, rarely managing to mass enough fire power to pin the well equipped xenos. A well placed shot from a guardsmen felled one of the aliens but on the whole the weight of fire was simply too much and the Imperial forces bottled out leaving the field to the alien raiders.


  1. Awesome!

    Just to add, one of the Guardsmen was captured by the sneaky xenos, so the next game will be a rescue attempt (always fun).

  2. two_heads_talking12 August 2008 at 19:55

    It's no fun bein' an illegal alien..

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Boy talk about lopsided. Those pointy eared xenos scum really took the Guardsmen to the cleaners. Hopefully Colonel Kane will get restitution in the mark of dead xenos scalps..