Wednesday 22 October 2008

Patrol Drake – the story so far.

Patrol Drake currently holds the status of an independent, long-range patrol group operating under the direct command of Colonel Kane of the Jeriko Reach Imperial Guard garrison. The group has its origins in the earliest skirmishes of what is fast becoming a major uprising.

These first few battles were fought against renegade members of the Betheljinn hill tribes, generally in defence of an isolated condenser unit or similar low-value target. In many cases it was battle sisters from at the Abbey of the Desert Rose that responded first, their small forces bolstered by garrison troops billeted nearby. Drake fought in several of these early battles, soon coming to the attention of his superiors.

It was in response to the insurgents becoming bolder, attacking into the Mining Enclaves, that Drake was given command of his own section. This unit was still part of the garrison chain of command, forming part of A Company under Major Pholin, but within weeks was detached and given independent patrol status.

Patrol Drake now operates as a fast reaction and long-range reconnaissance force, providing intelligence and first-strike capability to the garrison HQ. Its members are provided with specialised equipment as a priority, having direct access to garrison quartermaster stores and external merchant channels.

While the fight against the insurgents is being fought by all garrison units across a dozen settlements, it is Patrol Drake that is at the sharp end of the action.


  1. two_heads_talking28 October 2008 at 12:27

    will we ever find out how Drake was imprisoned? Or is that a story for a different time?

  2. I think he was rescued before anything 'unpleasant' happened, but a couple of the other members have been acting a bit weird lately...