Monday 1 December 2008

The Henrie Boys

Details of the Henrie Boys' gang can be found here: .

I'm aiming for the gang to be proficient at shooting, and less so at close combat, as you'll see the characters have a dirty 'old west' feel to them. This is to represent them not coming into contact with the regular towns folk, or even the garrison on a regular basis. I'm hoping this will keep the eyes of the various factions turned away, however there has already been a meeting with some pirates and there is a report to follow soon


  1. two_heads_talking1 December 2008 at 21:39

    alright, hillbillies in 40k..

  2. indeed, I thought every back-water has it's own 'special' family who can make do and mend their way to profit. I think you'll like the way the gang has come out. There should be some pics and a battle report in the near future, and I'm quite keen to get feed back on them.