Monday 1 December 2008

The Henrie Boys are the latest group to be uncovered in the happenings of Jeriko Reach. They consist of a family based mining concern, who are just looking to survive the crisis. All going well, there may be some room for them to expand their territory.

To go with the gang I'm starting to build up a fleet of vehicles, the majority of which will be different from the regular 40k set. To start with I have made good progress with the Henrie's skip truck, and there are more in line to follow. I'm planning 2 half tracks and another 2 8 wheelers, and also adding some speeder sized four wheel drives to use as scenery or in game as necessary.

As you can see the basic structure is finished and I'm about to start on the detail stage. The skip is modular so I may produce different trailer options later possibly a fuel tanker, though suggestions are welcome.


  1. two_heads_talking1 December 2008 at 21:38

    looks like some nice trucks.. methinks I see some orky types in there..

  2. Yes there is, I've cut and shut the back end of 2 ork trukks together. There is quite a lot of bitz box and plasti-card gone into it. Just have to do the super detailing (rivets etc) and then I can spray it up. The left over front ends will eventualy become one of the jeeps, and I have 4 more trukks shuffling around nervously at home awaiting the chop!