Tuesday, 24 February 2009

March of the Robots

So, we're planning a game of Necromunda, with the gangs going up against the robots (using the old Rogue Trader rules found in the Warhammer 40,000 Compendium). Having looked at the rules and matching them to the miniature shown in the post below, we have a Conquerer, who with a standard load out and battle program will come out at around 200 points. When converting units from 1st/2nd edition 40k to Necromunda you want to apply a x10 points modifier to arrive at a rating (you can see this in action if you compare things in the 2nd ed codexes to the ratings of the same things in Necromunda), which gives a rating of around 2000 points. As it happens, that's about the value of Patrol Drake.

Only problem is a Conquerer has a Toughness of 8, which most gangs will struggle to harm unless they raid the quarter master's stores before hand. I reckon a couple of melta guns, with the rest of the gang running interferance should be fun. It may end up culling the gang down a bit, but that's fine with me and all part of the fun!

Colonel Kane

Oh yeah, I just noticed we have our first blog follower - hi Chickenbane! :-)

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  1. hi, just reread this and now I'm famous (nearly). This is a great campaign, I love it!