Friday, 27 February 2009

Robot Wars

We played a test game to try out the Rogue Trader robot rules prior toa larger, GM’s game the Pontiff will hopefully be running soon (as soon as Captain Jack is off nights!) The battle was between a single Conqueror Class robot using the old Rogue Trader rules, versus Patrol Drake (with around 2000 gang rating’s worth of members). It was a fairly even match and the we added in various rules for random movement when the robot didn’t have a target, just so it didn’t just stand there doing nothing. The battle program worked well when it did have a target, to such an extent that anyone not hiding when in its frontal arc was pretty much dead!

At 09.22 local, Patrol Drake answered a distress call from a bonded Archeo-logist operating in the wastes of the restricted Zone KK-12. They had no way of knowing what would await them.

What the patrol found was a mining site, from which had risen from amongst the wreckage of past wars a fully functional war-robot. The Archeo-logist had taken cover behind her machinery, while the robot lurched and shuddered in response to long-corroded programming.

The moment Drake’s patrol arrived, the robot targeted them with its autocannon, the blast knocking Corporal Drake to the ground and wounding Signaller Mak. Trooper Reko went to attend to Mak’s wound, but was initially driven back by the weight of fire, though he spent the remainder of the contact staunching Mak’s bleeding, before being wounded himself and dragged clear by Specialist Kiri.

Upon coming under fire, the remainder of the patrol split into two groups and advanced using the cover of vegetation. Lance Corporal Kash led a group of the local defence militia, working his way around to rescue the Archeo-logist, who they successfully exfiltrated.

The second group engaged the war-robot. Troopers Tyrik and Serik fetched melta guns from their transport and stalked the robot through the vegetation as it lurched about, seemingly at random, seeking to engage the stealthy targets. Trooper Tyrik closed and got off a shot, but the robot’s armour was proof against the blast and Tyrik was knocked to the ground and stunned as it landed a heavy blow upon him. Serik got off three melta gun blasts, damaging the robot, but was unable to defeat it before his weapon ran out of ammunition.

The Archeo-logist rescued, the patrol recovered its wounded, consolidated, and withdrew. Their primary rescue mission was complete, but it now seems there is a potent war-robot loose in the wastes. We have no way of knowing when it will turn up next.

Colonel Kane/Jeriko Reach Imperial Guard Garrison CO

The beast arrises!

The Archeo-logist is escorted to safety.

Robot hunting.

March of the Robot

Aerial recce of the battlefield.


  1. After seeing this I may be on nights indefinately! Not sure what the Henrie boys have got that could deal with the Robots, none the less am looking forward to whatever dastardly plot comes their way.

    Looked like it was a good game, the setting looks great.

  2. I'd load up on melta guns and plasma pistols mate, even if its just for one game!

  3. I have recently been trying to do something similar - skirmish like games using Necromunda as the base set of rules... and then also incorporating robots.

    Since i see at least two battle reports from your group of veteran gamers here - i would really like to see/talk how you are doing it...

  4. No problem - I've posted a more detailed answer on the Eastern Fringe forum, but we could produce a more detailed battle report next time that talks about the exact rules we used, how we went about it etc if that would be more useful? I guess the problem is that we're presenting the reports in-character, so maybe one from a gamer's perspective might be a good idea next time?

  5. No, i don't think it's a mistake. I like the first person perspective to the games/battle reports. Perhaps a separate blog entry for the game mechanics?