Thursday 4 June 2009

Introducing Nix Pallidus

This is the begining of the gang belonging to Nix Pallidus, a potential Inquisitor. She has a Squat crew on her ship, assisted by a human Enforcer. There are more crew characters to come, in the near future...


Enforcer (to be named)
The Squat crew (to be named)
A WiP suit of Exo Armour, ranged weapons and final details to be added.


  1. Really good staff mate! Have you worked up any stats yet?

  2. two_heads_talking9 June 2009 at 20:45

    are those kevin's models? I think Kevin is the one who does the sci-fi dwarfs..

  3. Yes, they are all Hasslefree. The walker is made up of GW bits around the Poewered armour Grymn fig. I plan a 'How to' when I build the next one, I just need to aquire a few more bits.

  4. Would you like me to note all the posts with broken images as I go? Or just skip over them?

  5. Hi mate - very kind of you, but probably more trouble than its worth for you, as we're all so busy we hardly ever get a chance to game, let alone mess around with links and such!

    Many thanks though :-)