Wednesday 27 May 2009

Sensei Knight WiP

This is a work in progress shot of the Sensei adventurer mentioned a couple of posts down. I've gone for a suitably heroic look and pose, and tried to the keep the clothing in keeping with the sort of sci-fi adventurers you saw in Rogue Trader, Laserburn and Traveller with the puffy renaissance sleeves. The head is from Captain Sicarius, the arms from the Empire general, body from a SM Scout and legs from an IG Storm Trooper Sergeant, plus bits from around the place. These are all components I've had around for ages and I'm pretty pleased they came together ok.

As far as a paint job goes, I'm thinking of lots of whites, so he's very different from an Inquisitor. Maybe a bit like a CLone Trooper, with battered and scuffed armour plates. Any thoughts?



  1. Lovely work, personally I'd have given him a tabard over the armour to make it a little less marine... but other than that wicked,

  2. Yeah, know what you mean about the tabard. I referred to the art work in Realm of Chaos, and it looks more like the Illuminati are the cowled, tabarded guys, while the Sensei are the more noble, heroic looking ones (I think it says somewhere they have a sort of Errol Flynn thing going on!). I do have the old RT Sensei model though, which does have the tabard and hood, but also the square jaw, so maybe a future conversion will go more that way.

  3. Really love that conversion! I hope the next two are just as good!

  4. Cheers mate. Might be a little while as my hobby room is being redecorated so everything's in storage, but hopefully soon!

  5. two_heads_talking9 June 2009 at 20:47

    Kane, would you happen to be able to post up a list of 'parts' you used for this model.?. it's awesome.

  6. I'll see if I can remember mate...

    Head is Captain Sicarius
    Torso is a SM Scout
    Legs are from an IG Storm Trooper serg
    Both arms are from the Empire General kit
    Chainsword blade is from the IG Catachan Command Squad set
    Bolter is from the Deathwatch conversion set
    And various grenades are from the SM Scouts

    I think that's it!