Saturday, 3 April 2010

Yet more Deathworld Nasties

These are intended as Sun Worms, a nasty beasty from the Rogue Trader bestiary that lurks half in shadow and half out, generating a powerful electric charge which it uses to zap anything that gets too near. The miniatures are Heresy's Giant Slugs, and they took about an hour to assemble and paint :-)


  1. Cool. Any chance we could get you to start sharing the stats on the critters you are using or even some of the changes you have made to the game mechanics you use? On the old blog there were a few postings about rules and such. Also did you guys notice this:
    Thought you might find it interesting considering the old setting you guys gamed in ;).

  2. Hey mate - I'm sure we can do that next time we post a battle report. We played a game a couple weeks back, but Pontiff's laptop died and we lost the pics for a while, though I think they're ok now, so hopefully we'll get something posted soon.

    The system we use is really just Necromunda, with a bunch of extra house rules we've made up as we go along. As we normally have one of us GMing, we often have rpg elements too, so if someone wants to do something outside of the normal system the GM will make a call, say what to test against and away we go.

    As far as the name goes, they spelled it differently, but its all good ;-)

  3. I 'd just finish reading your blog, and i'm really impressed by the quality of...of...everything, in fact. Cool oop minis, battles with scenarios and true context, nice painting and great RT feeling.
    It gave me motivation to going on my own space pirate project.
    So, please keep going on, your "work" is great! :)))

    Elwin. (please excuse my poor english, I'm a french speaker)

  4. Hey Elwin - many thanks for your kind words :-)

    Glad you've been inspired, that's one of the main reasons we do this, so be sure to send us a link to your work if you get a blog going.

    Et votre Anglais est bien meilleur que mon Fran├žais ;-)