Monday, 3 May 2010

40k Industrial Frontier Hab-bunker

Hey guys

I've been tinkering away on a 40k building for the last few weeks, just doing the odd half hour between work etc. I think its more or less ready to be painted now so I thought I'd post a few pics.

I was inspired by Pontiff's Old School buildings, and wanted to evoke something similar, but rather than using the classic yogurt pot, good old polystyrene packing instead. I wanted to make a building that looked like a huge lump of pre-fab structure with loads of techy gubbins added over the years. As a nod to the Old School terrain-making articles, I wanted to leave the polystyrene visible, but still have the overall building look pretty cool (as Pontiff did with his pots).

I've used loads of stuff from the bits box on this, plus various components I've picked up. Some are spares from the Planetstrike Bastion I posted pics of a few posts back. I bought a set of railway modelers universal pipes from a local shop, which I used a lot here, especially for the valves. I also picked up a single sprue from the Citadel Shadowsword, which I ruthlessly cannibalised too.

With a bit of luck I'll be able to build a few more buildings in the same style, so we can have a small settlement, sort of Wild West 40k!


  1. Looking good - I particularly like the mix of polystyrene and GW bits.


  2. That's great. I agree with Tony, nice mix of parts.


  3. Nicely done, can't wait to get a game in on them!

  4. Thats a great looking piece of scenery, an evocative fusion of the old and the new if you dont mind ;)

    I am hoping to put together a post-apocalyptic sci-fi town this summer. It wont be as nice as that for a number of reasons (storage, time and budget constraints to name a few) but your work is inspirational nonetheless.

  5. Cheers guys!

    @sho3ebox - funny you should mention storage, that's something I was thinking about yesterday and have no idea how to solve :-(

  6. "sho3ebox - funny you should mention storage"

    I have a large dedicated games room, but its jammed with stuff after all of the years.

    My current scenery project will be a set of buildings all of which are one of three sizes, all with removable roofs. Hopefully they will sit inside each other for storage (like a russian babushka doll). That way storage for about 12 buildings will take up the same space as four of the largest.

    I plan to base the measurements for the largest building on the dimensions of the most convenient sotrage solution that I can find, rather than basing the storage on the building size.

    Well, thats the plan anyway. I causes some sacrifices artistically, thats for sure but if I can put it away safely and easily, then I regard it as worth it :)

    No doubt I will get carried away and build something "characterful" (read: impssible to store and due to get damaged within 6 months) that will spoil the plan, but at least there is a plan I suppose.

  7. That actually looks like a colonial building on a backwater planet. Very clever.

  8. Thanks for the comments guys, and my apologizations that I haven't responded for a while! (really busy with work). I've knocked up a second one, but haven't yet had time to take any pics, but hopefully will be able to soon. I'm planning a larger one, which is a hollow square like a compound, which will be even more work but hopefully be worth it!