Thursday 30 September 2010

Rogue Trader Void Master conversion

Now.. those that know me will know that I rarely if ever bother with the newer stuff for 40k, especially not plastics.

For me its all about the character, collectability and nostalgia of those early ranges - painting and collecting them as an adult (loosely speaking) brings back pleasant memories of golden summers fighting battles over rubbish home made terrain and using tanks made out of star wars toys in my mates garage.

Anyway... I was kindly invited to join on the Colonels Rogue Trader RPG game and in the spirit of the invite and inspired by his awesome Voidmaster I thought I'd have a crack at doing an 'avatar' of my own character.

Again I went for a Voidmaster but on a different track, my characters an ex imperial Navy pilot/helmsman. 'Isiah Crook' is loosely based visually on a certain famous sci fi smugler pilot and I tried to incorporate at least one element from classic RT goodness (its cunningly highlighted in yellow for those failing to spot it).

As a former fighter pilot I gave him some old Navy flight trousers, chopped up some cadian boots to maek pilot boots and used the upper body from some WFB empire free company and cannon crew to give him a more buccaneer look. Originally I'd managed to convert him to have one hand on his hip which was a better pose astride a bucketload of spent casings from his 'boarding shotgun' - but the 'shouting' head looked odd with a static pose. I really liked the head from the tank crew sprue and originally meant to use a valkerie gunner or pilots head but this looked better, especially with black gloss painted shoulder pad put on the front as a 'blast visor' (another nod to said film).

Lastly in a break from tradition I decided to base him in a less rural way as I imagine most of the action in the campaign will be aboard ship and station!


  1. Very cool indeed mate! I'm thinking of getting some of the Warlord Games plastic Germans and Brits for spare parts (especially arms) for this sort of thing.

  2. Yeah as long as you dont use them for Brits... ;)

    I had a *really* good look at them today and so much of it looks like whoever sculpted it has sculpted it using oter peoples minis as reference rather than looking at the real stuff or pictures of the real stuff.

    However they are probably the best 28mm brits out there as all the others have really massive flaws IMO so with a bit of resculpting I could probably make them ok.