Friday 27 May 2011

Pirates off the Starboard bow!

Well its nice to finally produce some finished miniatures, and to be honest these Orc Pirates by Black Scorpion were a joy. They have enough detail to be interesting without being overloaded and distracting. So here are some of the Piratical Orc crew that will be terrorising some unfortunates in the near future!

The Red Corsair Kaptin Kindly

Lt Pores

Able Seaman Flashwit

The Heavies


  1. Yay, I love seeing painted up Cutlass! models (I have an Undead gang to work on sometime)

    Great job matey.:)

  2. Cheers! I hope you get to your Undead soon, as the Orc stuff was a joy to complete. In fact I got fairly obsessed with getting them done and couldn't put them down!