Friday, 15 July 2011

An Old School Inquisitors Retinue

Taken far longer than planned to get these lads into action.

Inquisitor Siegfried a retinue including a few Alien types.

Oh and in other news a Cthellian Cudbear savaging an unlucky Guardsman


  1. They all look fantastic mate, especially the Inquisitor :-)

  2. They ooze the mood, like a window on the '80s. I agree you've done a top job, and had a lot of fun I bet, with the fox-like creature for example. There's a lot of quirkiness in there.

  3. Those guys are cool,, no question what 40k era they come from. Its also great to see a Gyrinx get some love (I have some more traditional cat figures from a few sources in the queue for similar attention). Thats a good use for a gronk and for the Ramshackle bear too.

    Are the two servitor/cyborg guys Citadel? I dont remember seeing those particular figures before.

  4. They're Talisman Servitors I believe.

  5. Just found this page. I'm in luv. Nice Inquisitor and retinue too!

  6. Servitors are actually the 'test bed slave' and 'cyborg' from the 1987 'adventurers' Rogue Trader range.

    There is a Talisman Timescape version of the 'cyborg' sculpted by Trish rather than Ali and I've put a pic of him up here in the past i think... he's pretty much identical in design but chunkier sculpt and has a mohawk raher than swept back hair.

    Cheers for all the kind comments guys.

  7. Oh and the Gronk is the inquisitors Navigator, I'm counting him as a type of alien able to navigate the stars (although not in the same way normal navigators do... have to be careful as the warp could be too mch for their poor heartses!)

  8. Thanks for the info on the Servitors. I wore my copy of the "1991 Blue Catalogue" out deciding which of those old figures I would buy back in the day. That was as close as I got to many of them.

    Its great to see some of those old figures getting some love around here. Great work guys.

    BTW a Gronk as a navigator has to be just as feasible as a Jokaero, right?

  9. Indeed... i've got a jokaero painted up too but I just like the idea of the gronk as a 40k alien.

    I'm trying to pick up Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer to run a Strontium Dog game and while I've had an offer of a JA mini ... wulf seems elusive.

    About 30 per cent of the adventurers range were deleted by the time of the 90s catalogues btw so it might be why you dont recognise some of them.

  10. I like the gronk alien - 40k needs more minor races. I also like that you've painted the Gyrinx as Bagpuss!

  11. I use he elven pirate type as coach for my dark elf BB team. What range is he and who sculpted him? Looks Marauder to me, but could be old citadel I guess...

    I enjoy reading your blog, love the old minis and hope you do a battle report soon!