Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A battered old farm truck for the agri world....

Really quick job on this one done this afternoon. Not *amazingly* happy with it but it's just going to be scenery more than anything else. I was really happy with it then overdid the rust and chipping and it's a bit hard to undo that without starting again... oh well :(

Pretty much a stock Skeeta truck by Ramshackle with an extra spare tyre... ( i know there are bits damaged it was a free miscast).


  1. That looks excellent love the splash marks on the tyres.

    Where is the miniature from in the first pic?

  2. The guy with the shotgun? 1987 Rogue Trader 'Inquisitor'. Never made it into any full range but one of the first releases.

  3. I tend to use him as a farmer/rancher and I think he looks like Terry Pratchett

  4. Good-looking truck. I don't think I've ever seen it before, but I like the look a lot, and the really decrepit feel too. From here the painting looks spot on. You guys have a great collection. I still love that terrain and the backdrop is superb.

  5. from a local company called 'Ramshackle Games' they do an amazing range of post apocalypse vehicles at stupidly cheap prices. You get the odd miscast (as with all resin) but again thats reflected in the fact that the truck above is £5 normally.

    Any ork player should *really* check them out as they do some really awesome rivetted together battle wagons and jeeps.

    They have their own ruleset called 'Nuclear Renaissance' (which a few of us here are quite impressed by) but there stuff is good for any number of sci fi skirmishes and rpgs.

    I've got a bag of weird alien plants from them in the painting pile... watch this space.

    (oh and they are another one of those companies staffed by a couple of really good down to earth guys!)

  6. The paint job of the truck looks perfectly good to me. The yellow gives it a nice JCB feel. I really like the rugged and tough style of that Ramshackle vehicle in particular: it strikes me as something that could easily be as ubiquitous as a Rhino. An STC design perhaps?

    I usually use the Farmer guy as a "Missionary Man" type character. I didnt realise that he was originally pitched as an Inquisitor. Was the figure supplied with that shotgun? Mine also has a shotgun but I could have sworn that I converted it years ago.

    Ramshackle is a great operation. Loads of their stuff is great and the pricing is incredible, plus Curtis has always been very helpful with any orders that I have made.

    I have a few Ramshackle vehicles (including the Skeeta above) painted up here: http://sho3box.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/post-apocalyptic-vehicles/

  7. Yep, he comes with a bolt pistol and what i always assume is a shotgun.

    If you look in the original RT book there is an illustration of an Inquisitor... might be a Rogue Trader actually that is the spitting image of this mini.

    Great vehicles and minis there btw...

  8. Lovely work Major Hazzard!

    The setting of an Agri-world is a very rich one that you don't see fully realised very often and seeing this work whisked me back to the nostalgia of the 4th Edition 40k rulebook planetary charts, and the Rancher definitely looks like Pratchett!